From slip resistant footwear to steel-toe boots, properly protecting your feet at work is vital to your safety and health. Choosing a safety shoe can become overwhelming with a wealth of variety of products throughout the market. More importantly, choosing an appropriate size shoes can make or break its effectiveness. Shoes that are too small or too big can lead to problems, so ensure your footwear is properly fitted. Here are five tips to guarantee your shoe fits!

1.Swell your feet!
This may not be exactly what you are thinking. Throughout the day, your feet naturally become swollen with more blood. To ensure your shoes fit properly, shop towards the end of the day so your feet are at their largest. Since you will be working in these shoes and most likely on your feet the majority of time you wear them, it is necessary to closely represent work-like conditions to ensure they are truly comfortable.

2.Tie them up.
Unless you are looking at purchasing certain Crocs work shoes that do not have shoe laces, you should be sure to tie your prospective shoes as if you were going to work. You wouldn't wear your shoes untied on the job, would you? Simulate your work environment as close as possible, testing the shoes for grip and protection - with them laced, of course.

3.Don't assume a size.
There is a vast assortment of safety shoe brands, including CAT, Harley Davidson, Georgia, Bates, Timberland and others. However, the actual sizing differs among each manufacturer. Just because you are a size 9 in Harley Davidson steel toe boots, does not mean you are a 9 in Carhartt steel toe boots. Try on different sizes from multiple brands to make certain you choose the best safety shoe for the job.

4.Do you wear socks?
Wear the exact socks you wear on the jobsite to the shoe store. Wearing socks that are too thin will make your feet feel squished when you wear your regular socks at work. If you wear socks that are thicker than the ones you wear to work, then your foot will slide around on the jobsite, leading to blisters and other health risks.

5.Use the infamous "finger test."
With any pair of shoes, it is recommended that you are able to fit your index finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of the shoe, as well as the top of your foot and the tongue of the shoe. This test ensures that you have proper "wiggle room" to comfortably move throughout your work day.

From work boots to slip-resistant shoes, choosing the proper work shoe is important. The effectiveness of a safety shoe is dependent upon various factors, but most importantly, ensuring that the shoe is the appropriate size. Use these five tips outlined above to make certain that your next trip to the shoe store is as effective as the shoes you end up buying.